Sozopol Ravadinovo Aladzha

Classic Machines

Please check our Classic Machines which have the typical Penny Press Machine design!

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Designer Machines

Please check our Designer Machines which have an unique design and are patented idea of Imprint Ltd!

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Pleace chek our Albums for storing our souvenirs!

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About us

IMPRINT Ltd. is the only producer and operator of the popular souvenir machines for Bulgaria.
For the last few years in cooperation with our partner from an EU country we developed and innovated the machine to what it is now.
We are ready to place our machines to any place of interest in Bulgaria. The investment in the machine, the maintenance and all risks are for us. The owner of the location will receive a previously agreed percentage from the income from the machine.

Our machines are very attractive and usually they draw more attention from the customers. In addition to this each client that uses the machine makes a souvenir for himself, which is a advertisement for the location itself.
Please take a look at the site and learn more about our machines.